Customer Support for ticket pre-sales IDOS

Answers to frequently asked questions and requests:

Returning of e-tickets is provided in accordance with the Terms of the Carrier, by filling up the IDOS Code in the appropriate return form of the section TICKETS ( on
The data of already purchased e-tickets cannot be changed. You have to purchase a new one and to return the origin one accordingly to the Terms and conditions of usage of the e-ticket (listed in the text below the e-ticket´s itinerary in the PDF file) and accordingly to the Terms of the Carrier and accordingly to the Terms listed on the e-tickets itinerary (returning’s charge / time limit before the departure of the connection in hours till which the ticket is still returnable with the corresponding charge).
You can lay a claim, if the e-ticket was UNUSED, because the corresponding connection was canceled or delayed on departure from the get-on-station with more than 30 minutes. Laying a claim has to be made via our Contact form of the customer´s support. Claimed ticket shall be attached.
Luggage transport is defined by each carrier solely in its Price list accordingly to its Terms (the volume and the count of the luggage). It is recommended to ask for more detail information from the Carrier operating the relevant connection. At the moment, even if the Carrier allows the transport of animals on board, it is not possible to buy via IDOS a ticket with reservation for animal on board. It can be done via the e-shop of
You have to contact the Carrier, which transport services you have used. The name of the Carrier is listed on the ticket (on the right side of the ticket, under the number of the connection). Some Carriers provide links to the section of Lost-and-find services on their websites.

If none of the upper listed topics was useful, do not hesitate to contact us via our CONTACT FORM.